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Paul Osmond is the founder and owner of Deep Sea Images. Paul has been taking photographs for 16 years around the world, including the USA, Australia, Canada, Belize, Mexico, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia and Europe. 

Specializing in underwater photography and nature photography, Paul is known for his dramatic shots of underwater animals, especially Moray Eels, Turtles and other Marine Creatures, and his images have been published around the world in numerous publications and other print and electronic formats

Paul was one of the pioneers in the DSLR world and  now shoots exclusively digital with a housed Nikon D2X in a Subal Housing.

Paul Osmond Featured Gallery

John Easley lives in Winter Haven, Florida and works full time in the computer department for a major insurance firm.  He has been diving for 22 years and has traveled extensively throughout the USA, Caribbean, Latin America, and Europe.  Always a photography buff, the transition to underwater photography was a natural one. He has had images published in magazines, calendars, postcards and even one turned into a painting which hangs in an art gallery.

John now specializes in digital photography, and was one of the first people in the world to house an Olympus 4040 and the Fuji S2Pro. John is currently shooting a Nikon D70 in an Ikelite housing.

John Easley Featured Gallery

Robert Delfs is a consultant living in Bali who commutes for work to Hong Kong, China and Japan. A former print journalist, he has lived in Asia for the past 22 years. His first published photographs appeared in the early 1980s.

 He has taken underwater photographs in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Palau, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Favorite photographic subjects include exotic fish and invertebrates endemic to the Indo-Pacific and wide-angle reef scenics. His dramatic shots of manta rays, turtles, nudibranchs, frogfish and pygmy seahorses are something to behold. He also offers an extensive list of above-water photographs from China and Tibet.

Robert's photographs and an article on surface survival and the safe use of SMBs have appeared in Asian Diver magazine.  He is available for editorial and/or photographic assignments anywhere in Asia.

Robert Delfs Featured Gallery

Chris Menjou is a PADI divemaster and attorney living and practicing in Los Angeles. An avid diver, tourist, and photographer, his travels have taken him to twenty two countries. During an around-the-world trip in 1999, his subjects included Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, ancient Khmer ruins in Siem Reap, Cambodia, Nabatean fortresses carved out of Jordanian stone in Petra, and the art, castles and churches of Europe’s great cities.

Having dived in Australia, the Bahamas, Belize, Malaysia, Mexico, Jordan, Egypt and Israel, he still considers the kelp forests of his home waters in Southern California to be one of the great underwater wonders of the world.

Chris Menjou Featured Gallery

Judy G is a native British Columbian. Since becoming a diver in 1995, she has traveled extensively throughout the diving world, including Bahamas, Caribbean, the Caverns of the Yucatan Peninsula, Baja Mexico, California, Hawaii, and the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, but she still believes that some of best, most diverse diving in the world is located just out her front door in the Emerald Sea.

Having produced numerous topside images over many years, Judy finally fulfilled a longtime desire to take a camera underwater in 2002, in the form of a housed digital setup. The cavern shots in her portfolio were taken on two separate trips to the Yucatan.

Judy would be delighted to undertake any photographic/writing assignment in the Pacific Northwest area, as well as destinations further afield.

Judy G Featured Gallery

Kasey Canton was born and continues to live in St. Croix, the jewel of the US Virgin Islands. Kasey has spent the last four years capturing the beauty of the underwater world.

A veterinarian by profession, and a graduate of Cornell University, he has dedicated thousands of hours learning and refining the techniques of underwater photography and videography. His work is well known locally, and just beginning to appear abroad. His favored subjects include St. Croix's famous macro critters - the red-banded lobsters and seahorses, and divers along the Cane Bay Wall.

Kasey Canton Featured Gallery

Stig Thormodsrud  lives in the Silicon Valley region of Northern California and works full time developing computer networking products. He got certified in '97 and has since been diving in La Paz, Cozumel, Akumal, Roatan, Bahamas, Fiji, Egypt, and Indonesia. Stig has been interested in photography since high school when he was a year book photographer. Now he takes his housed Nikon F100 diving with him.

Stig Thormodsrud Featured Gallery

 Originally from the USA, John Lewis has lived in Australia since 1995 and calls the Barossa Valley (near Adelaide in South Australia) Home.  John uses a Nikon F4 and Aquatica Housing and is available for assignments in Australia or Asia.

He works in Oil exploration for half the year which has let him travel to all parts of the world. But it also finances his main passion;  dive expeditions with his dive partner and wife, Melanie and their cheeky Jack Russel - Minke! He and his wife have also both worked aboard various live aboard dive vessels in the Caribbean and Australia.

He has dived all the world but his absolute favourite is the southern half of Australia with its many wonderful and unique creatures such as Sea Dragons and Giant Cuttlefish. It is his goal to photograph and document as many species as possible and most days he can be found underneath a pier or jetty looking for critters.

John Lewis Featured Gallery

Ethan Daniels is a biologist and photographer who has worked in Micronesia for over eight years. His interest in the sea and its' inhabitants originally came about by being exposed to flora and fauna found in the cold waters of Cape Cod, Massachusetts .

Eventually, his interest in the study of marine life led him to graduate school at the University of Guam Marine Laboratory where he focused on the behavioral ecology of anemone fishes. He now lives and works out of San Francisco, regularly making trips back to the Indo-Pacific to study and photograph the astounding biological diversity there.

Ethan Daniels Featured Gallery

Andre Seale is a marine biologist and holds a PhD in zoology from the University of Hawaii. He has lived in Brazil, Florida, Australia, Hawaii and currently resides in South Korea, working in the field of biomedical research. A world traveler and underwater photographer for the past 12 years, Andre has participated in a number of scientific and photographic expeditions to exotic destinations including most recently the atolls of Namu, Rongelap and Mili of the Marshall Islands. Other destinations documented include Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Brazil, Australia, Thailand, Philippines, South Korea, Cook Islands, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea.
Andre has recently switched from shooting film on a housed N90 to Nikon's digital SLR, D100. His work has appeared in a number of publications and advertising campaigns around the world, including Hawaii's Island heritage calendars, Scuba Diver magazine, Nature, Monterrey Bay aquarium and Wildaid.

Andre Seale Featured Gallery

? Hilario Itriago has spent the past six years dedicated to underwater videos and underwater photography. He is the author of  “Una Guía de Peces” “ A Fish guide” ( submersible little book with over 100 pictures of the most common species in The Mexican Caribbean) and is the Co-author with Alberto Friscione in a book and video about Revillagigedo Island and Clarion Island. Currently Hilario is working on an interactive CD Rom of Caribbean fish. Hilario has lived in Cancun for the past 20 years.

Hilario Itriago Featured Gallery

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