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Submission Guidelines

As with any stock photography agency we are always on the look out for
new talented photographers, whether they be professional or semi-professional.

We accept images in either slide format or as true digital images taken with a camera of at least 4 million pixel.
Slide Images that require scanning may be subject to a scanning fee which will be discussed with the photographer once accepted.

To be considered, please email us at with the following information:

Name and Address
Photographic Focus
Photographic Services Available 
Available for Assignment, Portrait Photography, For Hire, Etc
Short Bio
Please limit to about 100 words, or approximately one paragraph.
Slide, Digital or Both
Note: Deep Sea Images no longer accepts transparencies into the library. High-Res scans must be submitted of transparency originals.
5-10 Examples of Your Work, preferably in digital form:
Digital - at least 800x600 image
Slide - Scan of image as described in digital or via mail - duplicates or minimally 4x6 prints. 

All images must be captioned or described. It is requested that both a common name and scientific name be included on all photos if known. If not known, this should be stated instead.

Any Special Requirements

If you meet the requirements of  Deep Sea Images be prepared to submit a minimum of 100 images
to be considered for inclusion in our stock photographic  library and online print catalog.

All images should be MINIMALLY suited for printing at a 8x10 size. Deep Sea Images reserves the right to accept or
reject any submitted image for any reason.

A contract with all applicable terms and conditions will be provided to be signed by both parties.


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