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Photographer: Paul Osmond  (see this users gallery)

One of the more unusual sea slugs, this is a Moonface Euselenops (Euselenops luniceps).
The large oral veil is used as a headshield to sift through the sand, likely looking for small crustaceans to eat. The mantle skirt can also be used to swim.
This species can also bury itself in the sand, where it can retain a flow of water through its gills for respiration and also remain alert to the presence of potential food nearby by sensing chemicals in the water with it rhinophores.
Image taken on a shore dive at night in Anilao in The Philippines

· Date: Tue April 27, 2004 · Reference ID: all/222004_0316_190654AA_1 · Views: 6253 ·
Keywords: sea hare pleurobranch pleurobranchidae notaspidea cephalopod mimic swimming sidegill side gill slug southeast se asia


Abandoned Bowling Ball on the Ocean Floor
Paul Osmond

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