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Photographer: Paul Osmond  (see this users gallery)

A yawning Yellow Leaf Scorpionfish (Taenianotus triacanthus) extends his mouth as it is perched amongst a set of hard corals on the coral wall at the famous Steve's Bommie dive site in the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia.
These distinctive Scorpionfish have a compressed head and body with a large fan like dorsal fin - thus its comparison to a Leaf. They are often referred to as Leaffish.
Leaf Scorpionfish come in a variety of colors, normally mimicking their surroundings as they are ambush predators. Also in general these fish are found in pairs, so if one is spotted - which is not easy - it is well worth looking for a second fish nearby.

· Date: Sat October 27, 2007 · Reference ID: /22007-01-05_12-10-59_1 · Views: 8328 ·
Keywords: Yawning Yellow Leaf Scorpionfish - Taenianotus triacanthus
Additional Categories: Leaf Scorpionfish


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Paul Osmond

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