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Photographer: Paul Osmond  (see this users gallery)

A bright white colored Leaf Scorpionfish (Taenianotus triacanthus) on the ocean floor near Mabul Island in Sabah, Malaysia.
These thin bodied fish wave back in forth in the current and thus move like a leaf. Like all other scorpionfish, these are ambush predators and they use their appearance to literally hide in plain site waiting for prey to swim or move close by. They are extremely difficult to see, even when in plain sight.

· Date: Sat October 20, 2007 · Reference ID: 500/22007-03-11_15-52-01 · Views: 33962 ·
Keywords: cirri leaf fish leaffish scorpion stone devil poison poisonous venom venomous spines spikes ambush indo pacific camoflauge hidden blend borneo


Polyceridae Nudibranch Nembrotha chamberlaini on a Polycarpa aurata Ascidia
Paul Osmond

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