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Photographer: Paul Osmond  (see this users gallery)

A scuba diver films one of several large 3' - 5' long Potato Cod (Epinephelus tukula) that frequent the famous 'Cod Hole' dive site on the Great Barrier Reef in North Queensland, Australia. This fish is being cleaned by several Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse and is resting on the ocean floor while it is happening.
There are frequent feedings of the Potato Cod's at this site, though in general only one or two of the Cod participate.
These grouper can grow as large as 7' in length and are generally docile and curious, although the occasional aggressive incident towards scuba divers have occurred.

· Date: Sat March 31, 2007 · Reference ID: 500/22007-01-04_15-41-21 · Views: 21969 ·
Keywords: grouper serranidae huge large food fishing endangered rare massive lips gbr pacific clean cleaner station cleaning behaviour behavior symbiotic
Additional Categories: Scuba Divers - Portraits and Actions


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Paul Osmond

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