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Photographer: Paul Osmond  (see this users gallery)

One of the more unattractive nudibranch species, this large dorid species is known by the scientific name of Asteronotus cespitosus.
This individual was close to a foot in length, and was found as it moved across a coral reef at night on the Wheeler Reef System off of Townsville, Queenland on the Great Barrier reef System in Australia.
The rhinophores of this species retract into a protective sheath which identifies this as a species of Asteronotus rather than a Pleruobranch.
Rather unattractively, the scientific name translates to mean something like 'latrine hole'

· Date: Sat March 17, 2007 · Reference ID: /22007-01-01_21-00-09 · Views: 3195 ·
Keywords: eudoridoidea dorid nudibranchia doridina black white nudibranchs sea slug nudi coral reef tropical gbr huge ugly


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Paul Osmond

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