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Photographer: Paul Osmond  (see this users gallery)

Found deep under the rocks on the shallow section of the shore dive at Basura, this Reptilian Snake Eel (Brachysomophis henshawi) can be barely seen as it peers out from its hiding spot. The strange looking eyes are the clearest part of the animal, and the rest of the head including the mouth can be seen once the eyes are found.
This eel uses his ability to hide to be an ambush predator, and unlike a lot of similar ambush predators, even when clearly exposed will refuse to move or acknowledge that it has been found.
This image was taken on the shore muck dive site at Basura in Anilao, Mibini in the Batangas area of The Philippines.

· Date: Sat January 27, 2007 · Reference ID: /22006-08-14_15-55-09 · Views: 14982 ·
Keywords: predator ophichthidae eels hunter hunting camoflauge camo shore pacific tropical unusual ugly rocks stones shallow rare


Silhouetted Bathers at Basura Beach, Anilao, The Philippines
Paul Osmond

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