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Photographer: Paul Osmond  (see this users gallery)

Native to South Africa, this is a small Boneseed Bush (Chrysanthemoides monilifera. ssp. monilifera) showing the bright yellow petaled flowers.
Chrysanthemoides consists of 2 species, both endemic to southern & eastern Africa, both with fleshy fruit, immediately separating it from all other plants in the daisy family (Asteraceae) to which they belong. C. monilifera is a today a serious weed in Australia.
The plant occurs in full sun in well drained situations such as coastal dunes, hills, mountains (fynbos, or grassland) or rocky terrain, often part of a natural shrubbery or sometimes growing as asolitary individual. It is a pioneer, often appearing after fires. Its life span is between 8-12 years, after which the plants become woody and untidy and are best replaced. Its semi-succulent nature makes it drought tolerant. The Afrikaans vernacular name bietou is derived from the original Khoi name. Although it may flower throughout the year, its main flowering time is during late autumn and winter. It is pollinated by insects and bees find it particularly attractive. The fleshy fruits, appearing shortly after the flowers, are very popular among frugatory birds .
image taken on the top of the De Kelders cliff overlooking Walker Bay in the Western Cape of South Africa.

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Paul Osmond

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