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Photographer: Paul Osmond  (see this users gallery)

beautifully colored speciman of the chromodorididae nudibranch Risbecia pulchella crawls across a covered rock on a small reef on a shore dive from Kata Beach off the coast of Phuket, Thailand in the Andaman Sea.
Gohar & Aboul-Ela (1957) studied this species in some detail, and the following paragraph summarises their description of the species. It grows to 10cm fully extended. The mantle is of a somewhat opaque creamy white, marked by a bluish purple tinge in irregular areas on the mantle and sides of the foot. All the dorsal surface of the mantle and the foot is covered with yellowish orange spots of irregular shape and different sizes. The mantle margin is fringed with a thin border of bright bluish violet. The posterior tip of the foot may have a similar border. The front of the mantle forms a veil which continuously waves up and down when crawling. The rhinophores have a white stem and blue leaves. The gills are simple and the colour of the edge can vary from violet to orange yellow in a single specimen.

· Date: Thu April 27, 2006 · Reference ID: all/22006-03-11-21-33-24 · Views: 4001 ·
Keywords: nudibranchia nudi sea slug doridia doridina se asia pacific thai tropical snail spots spotted yellow unusualnudibranchia doridin


Juvenile Highhat (Pareques acuminatus)
Paul Osmond

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