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Photographer: Paul Osmond  (see this users gallery)

A herd of Grant's Zebras (Equus burchellii bohmi) relax in their habitat at the Lion Country Safari Park in Florida, USA.
Also known as the Plains Zebra or Burchell's Zebra, this species of Zebra is extremely dependent on water and never wander far from waterholes, where they usually drink at least once a day. It is the responsibility of an adult mare to guide the family as they move from area to area and ensure that they never wander too far from water.
Plains zebra are noisy and restless animals (due to predators). They have a distinctive call, which may be described as a frequently repeated barking whinny. Their whinny is more similar to a donkey whinny than a horse whinny. At night, families gather together while one family member remains awake to look out for predators.

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Keywords: herd group equine horse donkey africa tanzania kenya Dolichohippus zoological zoo grander captive captivity


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