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Photographer: Paul Osmond  (see this users gallery)

Close up on the head of a male Thorny Seahorse (Hippocampus hystrix) with a bulging egg pouch full of eggs on the ocean floor at the muck dive at Barura in Anilao in the Batangas area of The Philippines. As with all Sea Horse species, the males carry the eggs and young in a specially designed pouch.
With a thick, rich mud like environment, Basura is rich with unusual marine life.

· Date: Wed November 23, 2005 · Reference ID: all/22005-10-22-14-35-51 · Views: 12357 ·
Keywords: sea horse horses fish syngnathidae southeast se asia pacific small unusual spikes spiky camoflauge camo hidden rare reprodution life cycle


God Rays on the Rainbow River bed
Paul Osmond

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