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Photographer: Paul Osmond  (see this users gallery)

The Australian Cassowary (Casuarius casuarius ) is the third largest flightless bird in the world, the Cassowary is a member of the ratite family which also includes the ostrich, the cassowary, the rhea and the kiwi.
Rainforests would be a very different place with diminished diversity if there were no cassowaries. These huge birds are the only animals capable of distributing the seeds of more than 70 species of trees whose fruit is too large for any other forest dwelling animal to eat and relocate. If these trees did not have an animal to disperse their seeds, they would only occur in concentrated pockets around the parent tree or in places where the seeds rolled such as gullies or the bottom of slopes.
Though they only attack when provoked, they have been responsible for many human attacks and injuries - although very few deaths (the last recorded death from a cassowary was in 1926 of a man who tries to kill one and then fled).
This image was taken at the Billabong Santuary Zoo just outside Townsville in Central Queensland, Australia

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Paul Osmond

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